Ohio Holstein Association Spring Sale Report

By Barb Lumley

The Ohio Holstein Association Spring Sale was held on Friday, April 21, 2023 at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Wooster, Ohio. The auctioneer’s gavel fell 63 times as the registered Holstein consignments, both live animals of all ages and embryo packages, were presented to the crowd on hand. The 59 live lots averaged $2,155. All 63 lots combined average $2,129.

Selling for $4,700 and topping the sale was Lot 1, Oakfield US Adore-Red-ET, consigned by Pine-Tree Dairy, Marshallville, Ohio. A bred heifer due May 14, 2023 to Altitude-Red, she was sired by Riverdown Unstoppable-Red and her dam, Colganados D Avianca-Red EX 96, 3E was the 2019 All-American R&W Aged Cow. Bred heifers averaged$2,627.

Lot 4, Krullcrest Snapchat-Red ET, a winter yearling just recently bred to Rompom, sold for $4,000. Sired by Mr Affection Analyst-Red-ET, her dam, Milksource Snazzy-Red-ET was classified Very Good 89 and is a maternal sister to Erbacres Snapple Shakira-ET, Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo and Royal Winter Fair in 2021. She was consigned by Steve Logan & Lady Luck Holsteins, Farmdale, Ohio. Winter yearlings averaged $2,700.

Selling for $3,900 was Lot 36, BGP Gordelle Paco Maggie-ET, a two year old currently milking 95# 4.2% 3.3% and already rebred to Alta Wheelhouse and confirmed pregnant with a heifer calf. She is sired by ST Gen Helix Paco-ET and has several EX and VG dams with records to 49,900 milk 2015 butterfat and 1546 protein. She was consigned by Gordon Neuenschwander,
Dalton, Ohio.

Lot 38 sold for $3,800, Jaloda HumbleNKind Kyra was classified Good Plus 82 and milking 110 lbs. and rebred to Has It All. Lot 60, Jaloda Outlast Betsey GP 83, sold for $3,500, was milking 110 lbs. and rebred to Has It All Both were consigned by Jaloda Farms, James Sheffield, Wellington, Ohio. Cows in milk averaged $2,703.

One fall yearling Lot 43 sold for $1750. A Loganway Whisper-Red,was sired by Unstoppable-Red from an EX 91 dam and was just recently bred to Latenite. She was consigned by Matthew Logan, Farmdale, Ohio.

Top selling spring yearling at $3300 was Lot 20, Ms Martinis Razz Matazz-Red, sired by Blondin Luxor-Red and from an Ex 94,2E dam with records to 35,850 4.6% 1665 2.0% 1055. She was consigned by Delbert & Heather Yoder and Charles Gleisner, West Salem, Ohio. Spring yearlings averaged $1,817.

Top selling summer yearling at $2,000 was Lot 46, Velvet-View Chief Pinnacle sired by Stantons Chief and from a Very Good 86 Denver dam, and eight dams classified VG or EX. She was consigned by Velvet-View Farms, c/o Aaron Schlauch, Big Prairie, Ohio. Summer yearlings averaged $1,600.

Top selling fall calf at $3,300 was Lot 11, E-Evans-A AC Empress-ET, sired by Siemers Apple Crisp-ET-RC from an EX 93,2E dam and six generations VG & Ex dams including Krull Broker Elegance EX 96,3E. She was consigned by James Richard, Wooster, Ohio. Fall calves averaged $1,475.

Top selling winter calf at $2,700 was Lot 5, BlackNCherry Parfect Winter sired by Siemers Rengd Parfect-ET and from a VG 85 dam and eight generations VG & EX dams including Apple-Red EX 96,4E. She was consigned by Ben Zimmerman, Wooster, Ohio. Winter calves averaged $1,842.

Only one spring calf sold, Lot 54 ½ sold for $575. She was born 3/23/23 and sired by Cherry-Lily Zip Luster-P-ET. Her dam, Weaverhof Pretty Patty, a fresh two year old, was sired by Siemers Kingboy R-Pretty-ET. The second dam is VG 88 sired by Goldchip with three EX dams behind her. She was consigned by John Weaver, Fredericksburg, Ohio.

The Embryo packages averaged $1,756.

Autioneer was Randall Kiko, Salem, Ohio with Rudy Kiko, Salem, Ohio reading the pedigrees. Chad Griffith, Bethel, Ohio took the bids on Cowbuyer. The sale crew was led by Wyatt Schlauch and Logan Schlauch with lots of help from Ohio Holstein members, Junior Holstein members and Holstein enthusiasts! The sale was sponsored and managed by the Ohio Holstein Association.

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