The Ohio Holstein Women would love to have your participation in our group. We are always looking for Holstein Women to chair committees such as Woman of the Year and the Queen Committee. Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting which will be Saturday, February 29th, 8:00 am in the Banyan Hut, at Kalahari.


Louise Harding, President, 330-432-7430
Becky McDonnell, Vice President
Sara Twinning, Secretary
Lisa Mangun, Treasurer


  • Woman of the Year and the Queen Contests
  • Provide the Women's Scholarship
  • Host "Fun Auction" at state convention

Woman of the Year


Nominate the woman in your life that does all those things on and off the farm that make everything run smoothly! Nominations are due by February 1 of each year.  Please write a brief description of the nominee's involvment with Holsteins at the family operation, county, district and/or state level. The winner will be recognized at the Ohio State Convention.

Click here or on the image below for Woman of the year Form
Womens Application

Past Winners

2019 - Suzanne Lora 2018 - Kristy Ackley 2017 - Diana Miley
2016 - Catherine Ramsey 2015 - Marlene Steinke 2014 - Mary Liming
2013 - Suzann Spreng 2011 - Regina Berg 2010 - Sara Twining
2009 - Marjorie Whiteheather 2008 - Greta Call 2007 - Sharon Rupp
2006 - Louise Harding 2005 - Ruth Young 2004 - Barbara Moff
2003 - Nancy Kemp 2002 - Anada Phillis 2001 - Myrene Tugend
2000 - Sue Woode 1999 - Barbara Lumley 1998 - Greta Cummings
1997 - Mary Lou Topp 1996 - Barbara Osterloh 1995 - Lois Doughty
1994 - Jane Miley 1993 - Joyce Mason 1992 - Marge Lewis
1991 - Karen Hastings &
Donna Schwarzwalder
1990 - Esther Welch 1989 - Jean Timmons

*Winners from 1989 – 2011: received the award at the annual meeting in the year following the date on the plaque (1990 – 2012).


Ohio Holstein Women's Scholarship

Is dedicated to the encouragement of deserving and qualified persons with a high school degree who desire to continue their education. Due February 15.

Click here for Scholarship Requirements
Click here for Scholarship Application

Additional scholarship applications can be found on the FORMS page.